Conference Schedule 2017

8:30-9:00—Early Registration in Alter Hall Lobby

9:00-9:15—Welcome and Introduction

9:30-10:45—Session #1

Panel A (Room 205):

“Triangulating Success: Helping ELL Students across the University”
Halle Neiderman
Katherine Robisch
Shannon McKeehen
Barbara George
Kent State University


Panel B (Room 207):

“Tag Team, Let’s Begin. . . Looking at Collaborative Teaching Research in Collaboratively Teaching Intermediate English Composition Online Courses”
Jennifer Koster
Aleashia Walton Valentine
University of Cincinnati

“Composition Programs in Nursing Schools: One College’s Struggle”
Cassie Snider Hewitt, M.A., M.A.T,
Hondros College of Nursing

Panel C (Room 208): Moved to Room 207 to combine with Panel B

“Evoking Consciousness: Appropriation as Activism”
Kelly Thomas
Xavier University

11:00-12:15– Session #2

Panel D (Room 205)

“Teaching to the Mission: Integrating Ignatian Values and Writing Pedagogy at Xavier”
Renea Frey
Kelly Austin
Rebecca Todd
Carol Winkelman
Xavier University


Panel E (Room 207)

“Chinua Achebe’s Okonkwo: Villain, Victim, or Tragic Hero”
Nancy Salsbury
Ohio Dominican University

“Teaching Toward Solidarity”
Molly Fuller
Kent State University

“Using the Writing Classroom to Acknowledge, Discuss, and Act upon Societal Witch Hunts”
Lynn Roesch
University of Dayton

Panel F (Room 208)

“You Say (Re)Search, I Say Research: Locating the Language Divide between Secondary and Postsecondary Classrooms as a Side Effect of Standardization”
Elizabeth Malloy
John Carroll University

“The Future of English Studies: A Model from a NAC & U Institution”
Dr. Lisa Robeson
Ohio Northern University

“Playing the Believing Game: Interpreting Students’ Responses to Instructor Feedback to Support Diverse Populations and Perspectives”
Justine Post
Ohio Northern University

12:30-2:00—Lunch, Business Meeting, Dasher Award, and Keynote Speaker

Conaton Board Room on the 2nd Floor of Schmidt Hall
(across the quad from Alter—see map)


2:15—3:30—Session #3

Panel G (Room 205)

“Conflicting Missions: Institutional Imperatives and Writing Diversity”
Ainsley Camp
Jay Arns
Claire Crane
Lara Dorger
Xavier University


Panel H (Room 207)

“Concise Creative Writing”
Robert Miltner
Molly Fuller
Melanie Murphy
Bonné de Blas
Kent State University

Panel I (Room 208)

“An American Classroom through the Eyes of an International Student”
Romaisha Rahman
University of Dayton

“Harnessing Diversity in the Classroom”
Stephen Ohene-Larbi
Bowling Green State University

“Words of Anger: Post Trauma and Post Memory in the Writings of African-American Oral Communication Students”
Alan Jozwiak
University of Cincinnati

3:45—5:00—Session #4

Panel J (Room 205)

“Fostering “A Concern for Learning”: Undergraduate Research and the Mission of English Studies
Nicole Diederich
Sarah Fedirka
Kathryn Kohls
University of Findlay

Panel K (Room 207)

“El Jefe” (creative work)
Matthew Slye
University of Dayton

“Teaching Adele” (creative nonfiction)
Christopher Collins
University of Cincinnati

“The Boss” (creative work)
Jenna Gomes
University of Dayton


Panel L (Room 208)

“Beyond ‘Just My Major Classes Count’: Recognizing the Role of Freshman Composition in Student Job Preparedness”
Judith Lanzendorfer
University of Findlay

“Putting the Post-Critical into Praxis”
Phillip Choong
Indiana University

“Discourse Analysis—Furthering the Mission of English One Interdisciplinary Study at a Time”
Mollie Hartup
Youngstown State University


Thank you to the Xavier University, especially the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office and Dean David Mengel, for the generous sponsorship of lunch and the CEAO Spring Conference.

Congratulations to Dasher Award Winner, Meredith Doench, from University of Dayton, for Crossed (Bold Stroke Books, 2015).

Thanks to our keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Bracher, Professor and Director, Neurocognitive Research Program for the Advancement of the Humanities (NRPAH) at Kent State University.

Lunch Directions: Lunch will be held on the 2nd floor of Schmidt Hall in the Conaton Board Room.

CEAO Lunch Map

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CEAO Spring Conference 2017 Committee: Renea Frey, Bryan Bardine, Sarah Kiepper