John Hollow Award

The John Hollow Award is given to a member of CEAO who has made outstanding, long-term contributions to the organization.  The award was established to honor the memory of John Hollow, former CEAO President and Chair of the Ohio University Department of English.  John Hollow was a strong but gentle leader, under whose expert direction CEAO thrived.  He was appreciated for his sage judgments, his enthusiastic leadership, his wisdom, his remarkable wit, and his commitment to the mission of CEAO.

Recipients of the John Hollow Award:
2022 Veena Kasbekar 
 Dirk Remley, Kent State University
2019 Robert Lowe McManus, Bowling Green State University
2018 Linda Rice, Ohio University
Scott Payne, University of Central Arkansas  
Juliette Berning Schaefer, Dominican University
2011 Earl Anderson, Cleveland State University
2010 Betty Pytlik, Ohio University
2009 Bruce Ardinger, Columbus State Community College
2008 Sandra Stephans, Youngstown State University
2006 James Farrelly, The University of Dayton
1997 Peter Bracher, Wright State University